Who is Abby Craig?

02 Feb

My daughter asked me this the other night and as I explained it to her, I realized I probably never explained it to my readers either.

I’m not sure why I like the idea of a pen name so much, other than Mark Twain did it and I thought it was cool to have two identities.

Anyway – my name is NOT Abby Craig. My given name is Adrienne. Most people know me by Andi. Abby Craig originated in college.

We had a guy friend who lived on our dorm floor that we met Freshman year.  For the life of him, he couldn’t remember my real name. He thought I looked like an Abby and so he called me Abby. His last name was Craig.

When I really started writing and posting my stuff for others to read, I decided to use them as my pen name. Hence, Abby Craig was born.

I thought it was quite clever, really. However, my daughter wasn’t all that impressed. And truthfully, it’s become quite difficult to maintain two identities.  Not sure how Samuel Clemens did it.


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