Does this make me official?

26 Jan

When I walked away from my nutrition job of 13 years back in October, I had no idea what I would be doing next. I just knew God had closed one door and would be opening another. The possibility of devoting more time to writing teased me, but I didn’t want to rush God’s plan. I’ve done that too many times and regretted not waiting for His answer.

I had tentative plans (as in dreams) to turn our spare bedroom into an office, creating a sanctuary that I could use to devote to writing. It’s been almost four months now and that bedroom is still a bedroom. This transition is moving much S L O W E R than I anticipated.

However, despite the other immediate things I’ve been called to do, I’ve still been given small windows to focus on writing – whether it’s writing my novels for WattPad, trying my hand at creating blog posts for other people, or taking online courses for things like SEO Optimization (I need a new bottle of Advil) or learning how to format for E-publishing (much more interesting but lengthy in details).

I would like to make this a profitable endeavor because I don’t want my husband to be the only one contributing to our family. However, I knew going in it would be a long process, building my skills and resume from the bottom of the field. Getting paid for my writing would take time – lots of it.

However, I was SO excited to log in to the Blog Mutt site today and find that I sold my first blog post!


Funny, because the topic dealt with creating a trust to protect assets of medical practitioners. Finance is not my expertise and it took quite a bit of research to understand what a trust is before I could tell someone else why they needed one.

I gained some research skills that day, exercised my brain cells by learning something new, AND managed to earn a few bucks doing it! It’s not a lot, but it’s a start and I hope I can keep the ball rolling!


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