Looking Back

17 Sep

Well, folks, it is official.  I have been called back to work at my “real” job.  My two days a week of writing will now go back to two days a week of nutrition counseling.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m ecstatic that I can go back to the same hours I had and not have to figure out how to find a new job and afford daycare.  I do enjoy the people I work with even if I don’t always enjoy the work.

That being said, I will definitely miss these five months I’ve had to devote to my writing.  Actually, I’ll probably mourn them. . .

Even though I’m nowhere near a published author (yet) I have gained so much more in this process.

The biggest achievement for me is the ability to finally take myself seriously and call myself a writer.  These five months have allowed me to embrace this part of me and it has felt wonderful!  I no longer mumble when I tell people I write books.  Instead I say, hey, guess what?  I write books and I’ve got three of them on the Internet and I’d be SO happy if you’d stop by and read them!

Between the three stories I have posted I’ve accumulated over 26,000 reads and that number climbs daily.  I’m up to 40 followers and 243 likes.  I’m not the most popular person on Watt Pad – but I’m slowly making a name for myself and becoming visible.  That in itself gives me a sense of accomplishment even if I’m not available on Amazon.

I’ve also stumbled across a HUGE network of fellow writers and published authors who are more than happy to share their knowledge and tips with us up-and-comers.  I feel like I’ve barely broken the surface of the support that’s out there and what I have discovered is already hard to keep up with!  I’ve got so many websites and profiles that I need to check there’s always somewhere that I forget!

Whether it takes me six more months or six more years to publish, this network will always be there and will be a constant source of guidance and wisdom as I take the plunge.

I have been surprised and elated to find that other authors are willing and ready to offer positive, supportive feedback and encouragement even while trying to promote their own work.  It is a community with an extremely positive energy and I’m glad to become a part of it.

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing my own stories I have also loved reading other people’s works.  There is so much out there that is GOOD and just not enough time to read it.  That includes published works filling up my Good Reads account to the fellow wannabes I’ve met on Watt Pad and Authonomy.  Reading broadens my world and opens me up to more ideas for my own stories.  I crave and devour books like some people do pizza.  It’s almost an obsession but one I have no shame for!

I want to give a shout out to JJ Bonds and Roberta (both of which I have provided links for you to visit their blogs!), fellow authors who offered me support, wisdom, and encouragement and proved that it is possible no matter how long it takes or what route you choose.

So even though I don’t have a book in hand – or on my Kindle – I’ve accepted that I am a writer and I make no apologies for it.  If you haven’t already, then get your butts in gear and read my stuff!  It won’t be free forever!

To end on a high note – I had taken a hiatus from my Faith Writers website and participating in their writing challenges.  Just one of those websites that got pushed to the back burner for a while.  But I checked in to the challenge two weeks ago and submitted another piece.  While I didn’t win top prize I got positive feedback from the judges and I placed 6th out of 18 in my level.  Woohoo!

Hey, it’s something. . . .    :-p

Thanks for everyone who reads, offers encouragement, or just in general harasses me (you know who you are!) to keep me moving forward.  Despite my return to the real world, I plan to keep writing.  And I’ll keep you informed!

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