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31 Jul

Thanks for stopping by!   😀

I only had one day to write, read, etc last week as my Thursday was consumed by cleaning and preparing for visitors over the weekend.  One of my college roommates came to visit with her family and our daughters shared a fun day at the amusement park on Saturday.

But this week, I get two whole days to devote to myself and my writing again.   Aaaaah.  (That’s a sigh of contentment, by the way.)

I continue to make forward progress.  A few small updates:

  • I’m still waiting for my Critique Partner to read and offer feedback for Broken Vows.  However, my hairdresser recently offered to read and critique my manuscript.  She’s already gotten through the first two chapters while working two jobs and raising three kids.  Kudos to you Kristy!  Thanking God for your willingness to give.  🙂
  • Broken Vows continues to climb in readership on Watt Pad.  The last time I posted it sat at 16,600 reads.  Today it has increased to 18,197 – and gains more everyday.  Awesome!
  • Full Circle is slowly gaining numbers as well.  It’s currently at 4,830 reads and periodically gets added to reading lists.  Woohoo!
  • I’m mostly maintaining my status as a Talent Spotter on Authonomy – hovering in the low 100s.  I do my best to respond to requests and offer feedback.  Broken Vows, however, took a hit and slid from its 3000 ranking back to 5000.  But, good news!  In the past week two new people found the book and not only read it, but backed it by putting it on their bookshelf.  Yay!  It’s now back to number 3,809.

I haven’t begun any editing myself for Broken Vows.  I’m waiting to get a bit of feedback to mull over before I dive back in.  Instead, I’m still enjoying my new story, All I Never Wanted, and molding that plot and characters.

I’ve also entered the world of e-books – it only took me a few years.  😉  We bought a Kindle, mostly so my daughter could play games.  But I did download two e-books recently and will soon be ready to read.  It’s about time I entered the 21st century!

Thanks again for checking in and offering your continued support.  You’re always appreciated.  🙂

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