A Smattering of Thoughts

24 Jul

Isn’t that just a fun word – smattering?  I think so, but then I’m also a Nerd for Words, so you’ll have to forgive me.  There are just some words that I think are fun to say, like plethora or cacophony.  Anyway. . . .

What’s been going on since I last checked in?  Small bits of things, but nothing all that noteworthy.

Thank you to any and all of you who took the time to remember and/or pray for my Mom.  Her first round of preliminary testing came back on a positive note – no obvious signs of cancer!  She recently underwent a PET scan for a more in-depth look and she’s scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy as well.  BUT – the doctor said he doesn’t expect to find anything and that when she walked out of his door he was promptly going to forget about her because she wasn’t sick enough to remember!  Works for me!

My Critique Partner has yet to critique my manuscript – which is very frustrating but I’m trying to be patient and give her some leeway.  She’s a teacher and once the year was over she found herself on an unanticipated extended vacation, in which she didn’t read or write.  So she hasn’t had time to work on or send me her manuscript either.  She has thus far promised to start reading after some big shindig this weekend.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

That being said. . . .if any of you are readers out there (and if you’re following this blog it’s a good bet you are!) I would LOVE to have you volunteer as a critique person too!  I need all the extra eyes and feedback I can get.  If you read books, you’re qualified.  You know what it takes to keep your attention – good characters, believable events, good flow, etc.  I would even give you a list of guided questions/points to look for as you read.  PLEASE?  Leave me a comment or email me ( or hey, you can even. . . .

Follow me on Twitter!  It’s sounds ridiculous – like I’m way more important than is actually true.  However, my critique partner uses Twitter often to communicate with her book group and suggested I join.  So I have.  I’ve registered under my real name, not my pen name.  If you’re a Twit (   😉   ) and want to drop me a tweet or simply follow me for random humor and book updates – feel free.  @AGOODFETZER

I’m still checking in at Authonomy, reading other people’s work and critiquing in the hopes they’ll do the same for me.  My status as a Talent Spotter is on the rise – #107.  Hopefully that will garner interest in my own work if people see I’m looking at and supporting other authors.  However, Broken Vows hasn’t had as much luck.  At one time it had climbed into the 3000 (or so) position, but recently has slid back down to #5882.  So, I keep plugging away.

If you’re feeling very generous I invite you to log on to Authonomy, create a profile and go rank and critique Broken Vows.  Even if you aren’t posting anything yourself, your feedback for me would be SO helpful!

While I take a break from Broken Vows and put some distance between myself and those characters (which I need to do to gain some objectivity before editing) I continue to work on other stories.  I’m still posting at Watt Pad and have been keeping tabs on Broken Vows and Full Circle.  Both of them are continuing to climb in readership which is awesome.

My newest book is All I Never Wanted.  I had started it years ago and then either hit writer’s block or didn’t have time to keep going.  Probably both.  But I’ve picked it up again and am thoroughly enjoying the process of creating new characters.  This one isn’t a faith-based book, just a college romance between former childhood friends.  It has been fun and lighthearted and takes me back to my own college days – which were 12 years ago!  GASP!  Am I really that old?  Unfortunately, yes.  I recently had a birthday to prove it!  😉

If you’re interested in reading, please check me out on Watt Pad.  It hasn’t had a large amount of reads so far, but I’m just getting started.  I’ve got two followers who have voted for every chapter, so I’d say it has promise!

I’ve also been taking the time to read more – I LOVE the Harry Potter FanFic on Watt Pad and recently went back to re-read a Draco/Hermione story that had been a favorite.

I finally had the chance to watch The Hunger Games – which has me hungry (HA!) for the next movie which is set to come out in November.  YAY!  I dug out my books and am currently re-reading those so I’m armed and ready in November.  Team Peeta all the way!

I’m also looking forward to the release of the first Mortal Instruments movie in August.  I’m not fond of the guy they cast as Jace, but I’m hoping once I see him on screen he’ll grow on me.

AND. . .the anticipation for Allegiant (Veronica Roth, Divergent Trilogy) and the Divergent Movie are killing me!  Augh!  Why do these authors and directors do this to me?  Don’t they know how much my life revolves around these fictional characters?  😉  The book is set to release in October, the movie not until March of 2014.

If any of you are Sy/Fy, Fantasy, Dystopian fans I would highly recommend all three of these series if you haven’t currently read them.  Good stuff!  And if any of you have recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again for taking the time to support me and check in on my ramblings!  Hopefully someday I’ll have a dedication or thank you page in a book where I can mention all of you!

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