Climbing Rungs and Spitting Pennies

27 Jun

I’m proud to say I’ve made some progress!  The last time I posted about my status at Authonomy Broken Vows was sitting at number 5,875.  Basically, the bottom of the barrel.

Today, I’ve made my way to number 3,758.  Woohoo!    😀

That’s a move of 2,117 spaces in the right direction.

It’s still a slow process but I have picked up a few more reads and comments as people discover my book.  Posting a “Shameless Plug” every now and then doesn’t hurt either.  😛

This past week I received my first real critical feedback.  It’s what I’ve been looking for but when you first read anything negative it tends to leave a bad taste in your mouth – sort of like sucking on pennies.  (And no, I’ve never really done that!)

This person was kind and positive though amidst his suggestions for improvement.  And as I started working on a manuscript I previously began and put on hold, I was able to see he was right.  I was able to edit as I typed, realizing just how much I committed the fault he pointed out.

It was something simple that I had learned long ago in an English class in Junior High.  One of the first rules of writing – “Show, don’t tell.”  (Where’s Miss Shultz when I need her?  I wonder if she’s open to a private editing opportunity?)  But once you’re not in school and have no one combing your work with a red pen, it’s easy to slip back into bad habits and not even notice.

So, thank you to my critic – you helped me see what I couldn’t no matter how much I didn’t want to admit it.

Though I really don’t want to suck on anymore pennies, I am hoping that I continue to get readers like this gentleman who offer positive comments while pointing out the negative.

Only through fresh eyes can my manuscript be properly edited and refined so that it puts its best foot forward when meeting an agent.

I continue to get new readers, likes and votes on Watt Pad every day.  Broken Vows has over 16,600 reads now which is just awesome.  And because of all the traffic from Broken Vows, my other novel Full Circle has been picking up more reads as well.  It’s a win-win!

I’m currently going through old manuscripts and looking for those that I feel are worthy enough to pick up and finish.  Even if some of them don’t get any further than Watt Pad, I enjoy writing them and hopefully someone will enjoy reading them.

I’ve also downloaded two free courses from my Faith Writers site so I can continue to learn (or remember, as the case may be) the mechanics of this craft.  After 18 years of school I was really hoping my brain could rest, say, forever?  But alas, if I want to be good at this, I must continue learning.

Thanks to all for you support – whether you’re just following the blog, offering words and prayers of encouragement, or actually reading my manuscripts – I appreciate all of it!

XOXO   Abby   🙂

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