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01 Jun

Welcome to the first official blog in the spot where it’s supposed to be – on the homepage!
Since my last blog posting I’ve gotten mixed comments – some saying “Way to stick to your guns!” and others asking “Why are you so adamant to be labeled as a Christian novelist?”

I hope I can explain it so you can understand it.

You’ve all heard me babble about how I believe writing is my gift – that we’re all born with some type of gift from God and it’s up to us to figure out what it is and how to use it.

Within that belief is the inherent principle that we aren’t just using that gift for a good time – we’re using it to do good and ultimately, shine the spot light back at God.

That’s what I’m trying to do with my writing.  No, I’m not writing long preachy novels that read like the Bible – even I have trouble understanding that!  But at some point in my story there reaches a point where my character must choose whether or not to believe in God and all that comes with it.

It’s a Christian novel.  It talks about God.  It talks about conversion.

I’m not going to conveniently leave out the “Christian” part of my genre just to gain more readership.  I don’t want to trick people into reading it just for the sake of having readers.  I want people to read it anyhow, discover that it’s good, and recommend it to somebody else.  But I want them to know upfront what they’re getting into.

Now that Broken Vows is completed it’s dropped through the ranks in the What’s Hot category, so I’m nowhere near number one anymore.  But I’ve still got new readers every day and I’ve picked up new followers as well.  Every time someone stumbles across the story, they stick around.  (Okay, maybe not every time, but you get my point.  :-p    )

Just yesterday I had a comment from someone that I hadn’t heard from before.  This is what she had to say – about Broken Vows and Full Circle, which are both posted on Watt Pad.

“The two stories I’ve read of yours have been a wealth of knowledge for me. I’ve learned more about God and it’s given me some peace.  Your stories are excellent tools of learning and I hope you write more. When Gabby threw the bible I so felt the pain rip through me too.  Thank you for beautiful stories of such deep faith. I’ll treasure all I’ve learned.”

And that folks, is why I write.


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