14 Feb

Okay – so I’ve got a few things I want to throw at you right now, so pay attention.  😉

1.  I’ve got a lot on my “blog” right now – meaning 2 different novels – and there’s something new coming.  So, to keep it from getting extremely confusing, I’ve decided to remove the posts for Full Circle.  That does not mean the novel is gone, so if you know anyone who would be interested in reading it they can access it two ways:

A) Email me and I can send them the file, which they can then read at their leisure.
(FB – Abby Craig or

B) Hop on over to – Full Circle is posted there in it’s entirety, including my new

2.  I’m going to leave the Chapters for Chasing Amy up for now – though I’ve decided to take a hiatus
from this story for the time being as I’ve been having inspiration to add to one of my earlier manuscripts.  So,
I’m going to run with it while I’ve got the ideas churning.

3.  I’m going to post a different story for you to read – so those of you who are checking in, spread the word
again.  The new “novel” is called Broken Vows and follows the journey of Erin Mitchell as she tries to
move past a heartbreaking divorce and into the future – and the arms of a man who just might erase the
pain of her past.
HOWEVER – this new novel comes with a disclaimer:  As you begin to read, some of you may think
I’ve stepped away from my roots of writing Christian romance.  And I agree it may appear that way – but
don’t despair – or judge me! – yet.  I haven’t even gotten to the meat of the story and in upcoming chapters
you will find I take you right back to the place I believe we all belong – putting our life in the hands of God.
So bear with me and I promise, to my conservative friends, it won’t make you blush too much.

The Story of Erin and Brody

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