Taking a Breather

12 Feb

To any and all of you out there who are still checking in on me and this story. . .

I haven’t disappeared, but I’ve been taking a break.  Not only have I been sick for the past couple of days, I was also starting to develop a little writer’s block for Chasing Amy.  So, instead of forcing it, I decided to take a step back.

Where have I been?  This great place called WattPad ( – READING!  I love this site!  (Thank you to my always-on-top-of-things Uncle Ben!)  It’s a place for any and every writer to converge and share their talents and interests with our most important audience – the reader!  It has millions of short stories, novels, poetry, etc.  And the genres are as diverse as the people – everything from SyFy, to Romance, and to my latest (and suprising!) new love – Werewolves!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that surprising.  I’ve been pushing J.J. Bonds and her vampire novel for months – so you all knew I had a little SyFy Fantasy in me.

Anyway – I would highly recommend that you check this site out!  You don’t have to write – you just have to read!  It’s a great place for authors to get their ideas off the ground, get feedback, and get discovered!  And best of all to you – it’s free!  You can read hundreds of books and not pay a dime for it.

While some of the work is immature – which happens when you’re a novice just disovering your voice – alot of the stories have good bones.  With a litte tweaking, editing and maturing, I feel there are many “best-sellers” sitting on this site, undiscovered.

I have been LOVING the werewolf/romance stuff so much I’ve been fantasizing about writing one myself.  HA!  Now that would be different.  I like reading and watching SyFy – but when writing I’ve always stuck to romance – especially Christian romance.

This would be different for me – which is why I think I find it so exciting!  And in the end, most stories come down to the same points anyway – good vs evil, just in different forms.

So, anyway, I haven’t abandoned my novel or the blog.  I’ve just decided to take a break, to read, and to find some inspiration.  Which, I actually did – although it was for a different novel that I had started awhile ago, instead of Chasing Amy.  But, hey, I’ll take it where I can get it!  Maybe one of these days I’ll finish another one!

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